48th Triennial Columbian Awards

The Columbian Award is the second highest honor for a Cryptic Mason to receive.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE – ANY living Cryptic Mason in Good Standing

WHEN – Awarded at the Triennial Assembly of the General Grand Council

WHY – Exemplary Service to their Cryptic Journey and Cryptic Masonry

AUTHORIZATION – Elected General Grand Officers

Columbian Medal

Named for what is reputed to be the first organized Council of Royal Masters in the United States – Columbia Council No. 1 of New York, which was organized September 2, 1810 – This is an award for service given at the Regional level. Each Triennial, one is awarded to an outstanding Cryptic Mason for each of the Regions of the General Grand Council (now 14), and a maximum of an additional three at large awards given. This award was approved by the General Grand Council during the 33rd Triennial.

When completed, this form is to be sent to the Regional Deputy General Grand Master for your Region with a copy to this office by December 1, 2022.  The Regional Deputy must then submit his endorsements to the General Grand Recorder by December 31, 2022.  A copy should be sent to the Most Illustrious Grand Master of your Grand Jurisdiction. Regional Deputy Contact information may be found online at https://crypticmasons.org (if you have a validated login), from your Grand Recorder, or from my office.

The award shall be considered only for exceptional and meritorious service to Cryptic Masonry above and beyond the call of duty.  ANY MEMBER, GRAND OFFICER, OR PAST GRAND OFFICER IN GOOD STANDING IS ELIGIBLE FOR THIS AWARD.

We hope you will bring to our attention those Companions who should be considered for this award, it is worth the effort and time to highlight their service to our gentle Craft. The form states from a “Committee” as the body may vote to empower the committee to nominate an individual.

Please contact me if you have any questions (click here). Download the fillable PDF form (click here).


Stephen A. Balke
General Grand Recorder