A Message from the Decryption Staff

wrought regular


We have recently starting sending out the Weekly Decryption again on a weekly basis.  We hope you are enjoying it and we could use your help in a few areas.

  1. We are actively looking for contributions to the newsletter.  If your Council of Royal and Select Masters is doing something that you would like to share, or you have an educational article about the Cryptic Rite, please submit it by e-mailing it to wd@ggccmi.org  This is the hardest part in getting the newsletter out, and anyone can assist here.  Submitted articles will be reviewed and slated for publication if approved.
  2. We are looking for additional Companions to help edit, develop, and publish the newsletter.  If you are interested in joining us in this endeavor and working with us to get this accomplished, please email wd@ggccmi.org
  3. Please share the newsletter with your fellow Companions and urge them to sign up.  Signups can be made here: https://www.crypticmasons.org/weekly-decryption-signup  There is also an archive of all of the previous Decryptions linked off the page.  We currently have about 1400 subscribers and that number could be higher.
  4. If you are a General Grand Officer, Regional Deputy, Ambassador, or Committee Chairman, you will be contacted about submitting an article.  Please send in an article, it is a great way for you to promote what is going in your area.

Thank you all for being active readers, and we hope you are enjoying the Decryption.


The Weekly Decryption Staff