Alpha and Omega – GGC Education Comm.

Alpha and Omega
By Companion Phillip R. Houtz, Guest Author
Submission to the General Grand Council Education Committee

Phillip R. Houtz
Companion Phillip R. Houtz

The month of May symbolically contains a form of Alpha and Omega. In the middle of the month, we reflect upon the Physical birth into this reality with celebration of Mothers’ Day. At the end of the month, we focus upon those virtues and physical sacrifices that lead men to conclude their lives having performed the acts needed to ensure the future physical existence, and therefore focus us on the return to the Presence of our Heavenly Father.

Kabbalistically, the Gaia energy, Mother Nature, the Divine Feminine is the vessel into which Creative impetus is poured. Though some look to this vessel as just a container into which the Light of Creation is held, I prefer the perspective that the vessel aligns the Forces or Elements of this physical realm into manifestation of a Physical Presence animated in line with that creative impulse.

And thus, the Creator manifests himself/herself/itself into our Physical Universe as a part of our lives and experiences. Mothers’ Day reminds us of this concept as the seed of potential is planted into the fertile womb and the child is born, or the plant sprouts, or the weather changes, or the very planets and stars interact. Life in various forms springs forth (is that why they call it Spring?) and the universe continues to shift and alter and juxtapose those creative impulses into an endless dance.

Whether you want to start from Quantum Mechanics or simply view the observable, visible new life, we are filled with the new birth of creative impulses and celebrate that specific bearing forth as Mothers’ Day to focus on that transformative molding and ever soothing guidance of new life.

Yet in the same month of celebration, we look to Men’s ideals and their commitment to Virtues as we remember those who have gone on before us, especially those called upon to commit their very physical existence to uphold those virtues and ideals.

On Memorial Day we reflect upon the need and commitment of our forefathers to provide the needed willingness to stand their ground to ensure their physical posterity. Whether dying in a conflict or dying with a reputation of one who held the line that supported living a good life and being of service to those around them, we pause on Memorial Day to take time to reflect upon the Meaning of a Life well-lived.

This month, though not the ultimate experience of the Alpha nor the Omega, please reflect in your meditations and considerations on your “place at the table”, your role within this universe, and the womb that gave expression to that consciousness as well as those who left you their engagement to maintain the virtues that make life worth living.

Remember our fallen Brothers and rejoice in our Brothers yet to be. Let petty political squabbles lie and assist those who need you. May you live a life that makes people thank your mother that she birthed you and remember your passing saying, “now he knew how to live life properly…”.

Find the hidden truths of combining the Al* (of Spiritual creation) and the Chemy** (Physical manifestation) to transform the world around you. See the AlChemy of your life.

*Al or El is the Father God or Creator concept in Middle Eastern religion

**Chemy is the root of Chemistry and refers to the combination of Phyiscal Elements that create the manifested Physical Realm.