Call for Articles: Awards Presentations

Call for Articles: Awards
By Will Highsmith, Editor, Decryption

First Responder Award
First Responder Award



We are starting a new section in the Decryption and could use your help. If you are involved in an awards presentation, please send the information below to

  • Pictures of the presentation and captions (The article will not be posted without pictures)
  • A paragraph or two containing details about the award:
    • What award was presented
    • Who received the award
    • When and where was the award presented
    • Who presented the award
    • Why was the individual recognized

In each Decryption, we will have a list of recent award recipients and links to articles about the recipient and presentation. We will feature a few of these each issue and are interested in hearing about any General Grand Council Awards presented such as the First Responder, Cryptic Mason of the Year, Adult Youth Leadership, Lady of the Council, Veterans Award, and Ritualist Awards. Please keep us in mind as you hold your Grand Session this year.

For examples of some of the details that have been submitted, visit or check out the list on the right sidebar of the newsletter.