Help us reach $500,000 for CMMRF

RE: 2019 Fund Raising Objective for CMMRF

Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation, Inc. has been the “Flagship” charity of the General Grand Council, Cryptic Masons International for many years.  General Grand Council needs to keep this tradition moving forward.  However, this cannot be done without a dedicated effort on everyone’s part.

It is now the middle of February and we have the remaining ten months to complete this task.

To this end, I am directing all Ambassadors and Regional Deputy General Grand Masters to assist in promoting this endeavor.  Each of you has been selected because I feel that you are the best person to insure success in each region and jurisdiction.

I need you to get the word out to each jurisdiction and to every constituent Council the goal for calendar year 2019.  The CMMRF Board of Trustees, at its annual meeting, set a goal of five hundred thousand dollars, ($500,000), for 2019.  This can be done; however, it requires a one hundred ten percent effort by all of us.  We need to make sure that every jurisdiction and every Council continues to enthusiastically support CMMRF.

June is the end of the first half of our year and I hope to get a listing from Leah Jackson, (our Office Manager), as to where we stand for the first six months.  The first two months were slow; but that’s because we were not there to emphasize it.  Now we are.

As a first step, begin by actively and visibly promoting CMMRF Day, March 6, 2019.  As in the past two years, we are soliciting every Cryptic Mason to contribute nine dollars, ($9.00), through his home council. Alternately, a one-time donation may be made using the form below, and is subject to the CMMRF award and recognition system.

Just 1 Coffee a Month (Recurring Donation)

We call upon Companions across the globe to donate a lot-ay (latte)!