Cryptic Masons International: Enhancing Our Awards Presentation

Cryptic Masons International: Enhancing Our Awards Presentation
Stephen A. Balke, General Grand Recorder

The Cryptic New Year started the issuance of certificates with our Cryptic Mason of the Year and Adult Youth Leadership Awards. The Trustees have been working diligently for several months to iron out how and what needed to be done to fulfill this long-time request coming from the Craft.

One of the pivotal goals of this process was to ensure that the certificates and presentation be worthwhile – creating something that fulfilled the purpose, but also would present a message in itself. While this is easily accomplished with the Adult Youth Leadership Award (it is often presented to those who are not Cryptic Masons), the Cryptic Mason of the Year should be reminiscent of the old-style “Patents”.

Enter John Bridegroom.

Right Puissant Companion John Bridegroom, General Grand Sentinel and Past Cryptic Grand Master of Indiana, agreed with this path for presentation of awards, having just recently completed his term as Most Illustrious Grand Master of Indiana.  A balance of clarity, for when we present to those outside the Craft, and tradition for our Select was fashioned, due to his understanding, artistic prowess, and meticulous labor. We believe that he has provided outstanding work that will be well received.

Like anything worthwhile, this process did have its issues with bringing everything together. The official date when these will be ISSUED is as of August 1st, 2019. If the Grand Sessions for your Grand Council happened in August, however, the awards were likely sent in July. Our timeline for production went too late to include these certificates with the awards packages. Recipients of these awards who do not receive them at the time of presentation in August will receive them within the next month as a follow-up. We will send them to the Grand Recorder for distribution or presentation.

For previous recipients of these two awards, we will offer these certificates for purchase. The certificate is available for $5.00 plus postage and any processing fees, and a suitable frame sold separately if desired. In other words – at the cost of producing it.

Remember the message of our General Grand Master – these awards are intended to inspire both the recipient and those who understand what it takes for them to be chosen for the award. Pick the example you would like to see in the future, then present it where it will have the most impact. Cryptic Mason of the Year is a great award for your Grand Sessions; the Adult Youth Leadership Award makes a great presentation at your jurisdiction’s annual DeMolay Convention, Grand Bethel or Grand Assembly! This allows you the opportunity to show those organizations that we both appreciate and support all of the work, time and effort they are investing in our youth.

Thank you, Most Puissant General Grand Master David A. Grindle, Right Puissant Companion Monty Glover, and Right Puissant Companion William G. “Bill” Snyder for continuing your diligent work for this General Grand Council and bringing this to fruition!