DGGM, Asia Subordinate Councils, and Hawaii Eruptions

by Monty Glover
Deputy General Grand Master

Aloha my fellow Companions,

Fellowship and a meal in Taipei

Having a meal with the leadership in Taipei.

As you may have noticed over these last couple of months there hasn’t been many articles from me on our Weekly Decryption page. I’m still around and have been very busy with personal and professional obligations as well as keeping up with my duties as your Deputy General Grand Master. In my personal life I have been working on getting ready for my move from Hawaii to Georgia. This is something I’ve been planning for some time now and things are starting to pick up. Because of that my travel has been limited as I’m packing and getting my house ready to get put on the market. Professionally, well it’s been really crazy busy. I am in regular contact with your General Grand Council team and things are going well on that front.

I wanted to write a little about one of the duties of the General Grand Council that of being a Grand Council. As you may be aware the General Grand Council has thirty Subordinate Councils who report directly to the General Grand Council all of which are outside of the United States. We are fortunate to have some of the finest Masons around the world as members of these Councils who work hard spreading the beautiful systems of degrees that is Cryptic Masonry. As part of our responsibilities we need to visit these Councils from time-to-time the check on their work, offer assistance, hold schools of instruction and even participate in performing degree work. Just like any Grand Council this requires travel and time and dedication to ensure that our subordinate Councils have what they need to succeed.

Tokyo Festival

Tokyo members with the new Companions from the Festival.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting and representing the General Grand Council at two festivals of subordinate Councils in the Asia Region. In March I visited Tokyo Council #1 and participated in their Chapter and Council Festivals. They had 10 candidates all of whom seemed very interested in the degree work and hopefully will become active members of the York Rite Bodies in Japan.

In April I again had the honor to not only see but participate in Taipei Council #1’s festival where they exemplified the work of all three Bodies culminating in the Knighting of 10 new members. I was even asked to sit as Commander for their Order of the Temple.

In both the above cases there were many challenges faced by these Councils. First, and to me foremost, was my visit was the first from the General Grand Council in many years. Some said as many as 30 years had past since their last visitation. I spent time going over the ritual, explaining aspects of the Cryptic Degrees and talking with their leadership on ways the General Grand Council can not only improve it’s communication but help them to grow and become more knowledgeable with the aim of increasing membership. One idea that I want to investigate the possible viability of doing is having Skype, or some other service, Video Conference calls where we could hold schools of instruction and educational opportunities for their membership. Obviously figuring out the timing of these types of events will be challenging but I believe that if we can find a way to make the logistics work we will have an inexpensive way to help guide these wonderful Councils to continued future success.

I’m also in email and social media communication with several members, including some of the new members, who have been asking questions and expressing a real desire to be a part of this success. I’m very encouraged to see such zeal from the leadership in Japan and Taiwan and I know in my heart they will continue to grow.

Taipei Festival

Taipei festival that culminated in Knighting.

Lastly for anyone that has been following the current events unfolding on the Big Island of Hawaii with the recent Volcanic activity happening there I wanted to let you know that it’s 200 miles away from where I live on a different Island. However I ask for your prayers for those who have suffered loss from this fury of Nature. Having lived here for 30+ years I’ve seen the destruction that can happen when the volcano is active and while it can be very entrancing watching it’s slow, unstoppable progression it only takes a brief look around at the wondrous beauty that can, in time, arise form that destruction. My prayers are with all those who are affected and hope that the Great Architect watches over them.

I look forward to seeing you all soon. If you are at an event that I am at please come up and say hi and let me know what you think about what the General Grand Council is doing, how we can improve and most importantly how we can serve you. Communication is vital to all of our success.

A hui ho!