Duties and Experiences as General Grand Treasurer

Chuck Hollinger
General Grand Treasurer


Chuck Hollinger, General Grand Treasurer

Duties of the General Grand Treasurer are mainly the paying of bills and keeping an eye on the Treasury funds.  In addition, there is the pleasure of meeting new Companions during Cryptic travel to the various jurisdictions.  While the duties of delivery of the General Grand Master’s message and programs, the presentation of yearly awards, bestowing the Lady of the Council awards, and conferrals of the Order of the Secret Vault compliment the representation in official capacity, subtle other communication occurs.

Communication through interactions with the craft on these visitations brings to light common features of information. This empirical data allowed me to compare and develop parallel conclusions which are not new to many of us, yet provided what we all need to recognize.  These conclusions could provide necessary change for success in retention and growth.  In these conversations with the constituency it became clear that successful Councils took measures to ensure membership turnout at meetings through the following:  meals prior to the meetings, refreshments after the meetings, guest speakers for a specific subject, a five to ten minute education program each meeting and commitment of the Companions to succeed. These factors coupled with the attempt to open and close without the use of ritual, the use of a prompter, strong support by Grand Council officers, particularly district or state Deputies and Instructors through regular visitations, all provided cohesion for success.

In a recent non-official capacity visitation to a Council in my home state of Florida, where the Recorder (considered an anchor of the body had just passed to his great reward) I found continuity exhibited through similar behaviors.  As I entered the Lodge a dinner was in progress with wives in attendance, the District Deputy was visiting and members from adjacent Councils were in attendance for support. During the meeting a member stepped forward to fill the Recorder’s chair for the balance of the year, a member from neighboring Council took dual membership to assist in ensuring continuity, and a short discussion on the state’s CMMRF fund raising  status was presented by the Grand Sentinel  (a CMMRF Committeeman). 

All of these are characteristics of cohesion that will ensure this Council’s continued viability.  Factors described, combined with a desire to keep a Council functional through leadership, camaraderie and commitment encourages well-attended meetings. This desire and commitment to keep our local bodies productive is incumbent upon each of us. The glue that holds us together is the camaraderie of membership in an organization that is committed to provide and preserve the Light for mankind through fraternity – fueled by successful Councils of committed Companions.