First Responder Award

First Responder Award

First Responder Award
  • RECIPIENTS – Any Qualified First Responder
    • This Includes Past Service – Retirees or Those Who Went on to Other Careers are Eligible
    • Firefighters (Academy Graduates), Licensed EMTs,Firefighters (Academy Graduates), Licensed EMTs,Law Enforcement (Sworn & Certified), 911 Operators, Doctors, Nurses, and others – please be descriptive if submitting other vocations
    • Any Regular Cryptic Mason may submit the Request/Application.
    • Any Recognized Masonic Organization may present the award.
    • RECOGNIZE Community Service
    • Community Outreach for Masonic Organizations
  • PRICE – 
    • $15.00 – Lapel Pin and Certificate
    • $25.00 – Medal and Certificate (Master Masons ONLY)
    • $15.00 – $5.00 – Add Lapel Pin
  • ORDER – Online or directly from the General Grand Recorder/Clerk
  • AWARDED – Upon Approval/At Designated Event

An opportunity to recognize members of our Communities through the Masonic Family, the First Responder Recognition is a “Thank You” to those who serve (or who have served) and an opportunity for the Council to work with all Masonic organizations to show that Masonry respects those who dedicated their lives to preserving our health and safety.


The same certificate is issued to all recipients. The General Grand Council Seal and name are on the certificate on the left bar and in the center, the sponsoring organization(s) seal(s) are at the bottom with signature lines for the head of the body(ies) and attestation by the Secretary or Recorder.


This recognition is given for protecting and preserving our way of life, the inverted triangle denotes that their purpose is borne of the divine love of life and liberty, the angels representing both how we see their contributions and hope for their protection and guidance from above, each of the symbols for First Responders on the face, surrounded by a not-so-mysterious nine stars, three for each denoting that we seek (knock) their help, and in the center, the Cryptic symbol which shows our reference, surrounded by our understanding of the mortal plane but our belief that we are enfolded by the same divine love.


  • Inform Members of the Council – Make Cryptic Masons Aware of the Opportunity
    • Promote working with other groups.
    • Firefighters (Academy Graduates), Licensed EMTs, Firefighters (Academy Graduates), Licensed EMTs, Law Enforcement (Sworn & Certified), 911 Operators, Doctors, Nurses, and others – please be descriptive if submitting other vocations
  • Work with your Companions’ Lodges
    • Coordinate dinners/presentation events.
  • Be a part of it – NOT the main part (WM in the center with the recipient – purple coat off to the left/right).
  • Give from your Council.
  • TAKE PICTURES – Submit to the Decryption
    • Get permission from all involved – don’t forget a short write-up.

The proceeds cover the cost of the award and revenues in excess of costs are deposited into the Programs Fund, which is managed to ensure the continued availability of all General Grand Council programs such as this one.