First Year Triennium Reflections


Monty Glover, Deputy General Grand Master

So here we are near the end of our first year of this triennium and it’s time to reflect back upon the year and take stock of where we were, where we are and where we are going.

The year started off with a great deal of confusion. There was new leadership following a very tumultuous ending of the previous triennium. MP Grindle, RP Snyder, myself and our team of Officers and staff set about to bringing some order from the chaos. The first thing we attacked with passion is the improvement of communication. This became our battle cry in my opinion. The three Sr. leaders had, and still have, regular conference calls to discuss plans, problems, and solutions. We improved our web-presence and with the help of our outstanding technology committee started developing plans to spread that communication throughout the General Grand Council and the Cryptic Rite. We started the weekly decryption newsletters providing visibility into what the elected line was doing and their thoughts and ideas for the organization. We laid the groundwork for the development of an education portal for the Cryptic Rite and help many very frank discussions with our members on where we can best help. We stressed the need and importance of communication both from the General Grand Council and, equally important, communication from the Grand and constituent Councils.

Today I believe we are on a good path for continued improvement. Yes, we have had our barriers, trials, and setbacks along the way. But what path doesn’t? We have wrestled with illnesses, losses, and all the many things that life can throw our way. I have to say through it all MP Grindle has been steadfast in his leadership and dedication to our success. He continues to encourage us to work hard and stay on task. The leadership is working extremely well together as a team speaking with one voice for the betterment of the General Grand Council.

Part of that has been learning and communicating what the General Grand Council can do and it’s relationship with the Grand Councils. Learning that we are an advisory more that a directing organization. In my eyes, the General Grand Council is an association of Grand Councils who come together for the sharing and exchanging of ideas, a place to surface challenges and opportunities across the Cryptic Rite and provide recourses and opportunities to allow the Grand Councils to meet their challenges head-on and hopefully with success.

When I think about the size of our organization and the decentralized way our leadership must function it underscores the need for better and more consistent communication among everyone. This is extremely challenging but I do believe that we have the right team and the support of the membership to meet these challenges.

Looking forward to the next two years I believe we will continue to develop, with the help and input from the numerous talented Companions, the education portal where Grand Councils and Members can go to share educational programs and documents to increase the knowledge of all our Companions. We will continue to work with the Grand Councils to surface issues and ways the General Grand Council can be of assistance and becoming a resource for standardized Ritual and a forum to bring Grand Councils together to solve those challenges that we all face.

I believe the future for Cryptic Masonry is bright. We are working hard to spread the word throughout the Craft of the importance of Cryptic Masonry in every Brother’s journey in their quest for more Light. It is my sincere hope that all companions will continue to communicate openly and honestly, even when it’s difficult. Together we can make Cryptic Masonry the model for what is great and good in this craft we all love so dearly.

I Mua Cryptic Masonry!  Forward to great things.

A Hui Hou, until we meet again, Aloha.

Monty J. Glover
Deputy General Grand Master