Four Easy Ways to Support CMMRF, Part Two

Four Easy Ways to Support CMMRF, Part Two
By Most Illustrious Companion Gary Wyne
Executive Secretary, CMMRF


CMMRF just successfully completed a 1st quarter 2021 drive to raise $50,000. A larger goal for the calendar year 2021 to raise $500,000 still remains ahead. It seems appropriate at this time to recommend for your consideration three methods in which the individual Companion, or anyone, can support and provide additional funds for CMMRF in a painless manner. Those four methods are through:

  1. SMILE.AMAZON.COM  (Covered in Part One located here)
  2. Facebook Fund Raising  (Covered in Part One located here)
  3. Your Local Brand of Kroger Company, or your own local grocer.
  4. Employer Match of Contribution
  1. Your Local Brand of Kroger Company.

Kroger originated as a grocery chain based in Cincinnati Ohio. Through the years it has grown to a mega-corporation with multiple brands, including but not limited to:



City Market



Foods Co.


Fred Meyer Jewelers

Fry’s Food Store


Harris Teeter

Home Chef

JayC Food Stores

King Soopers


Kroger Specialty Pharmacy

Kroger Personal Finance


Metro Market

Pay Less Super Market






Ryler Foods


The Little Clinic



As a regular customer of one of these brands, the customer should possess an account card with an identifying bar code number. By accessing the appropriate website and selecting Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation, one can send a small percentage of the purchase amount to CMMRF. The Kroger website states that the amount contributed varies depending upon spending across the Kroger Rewards organizations. If none of these brands reside in your local community, then there is probably another very similar program that does. Just ask!

  1. Employer Matching of Contribution

Many companies have a charitable matching program. The employee or retiree makes a contribution to an educational institution or a charity and reports this to his or her company. After validation of the contribution, the company matches the gift. There are as many different variations of the rules and processes for this matching as there are companies that practice it. It is impossible to itemize them here. However, one may already be aware of that company that will match his or her donation; and the extent to which it will match will be made.

As we move forward through 2021, please consider these alternatives as painless methods to help us raise funds for CMMRF, in order that CMMRF might better support the ongoing research at the Indiana Center for Vascular Biology and Medicine.