March 20, 2020


***Clarification – The following EDICT applies only to Cryptic Councils that are under the direct supervision of the General Grand Council or acting under dispensation directly from the General Grand Council. Edit 3/26, Stephen A. Balke, GGR.***

Dear Companions,

If your Grand Lodge has issued instructions with reference to the Coronavirus, you need to strictly follow them since you are a Mason within that Grand Lodge’s Jurisdiction. You need to add some other things in attempting to control the spread of this virus:

  1. Limit your gatherings, official or unofficial, to no more than 10 Companions.
  2. Maintain a physical separation/distance of at least 3 feet.
  3. Make no physical contact with another Companion.
  4. Wash your hands often.
  5. Cover any sneezes or coughs with your elbow or a tissue and dispose of any tissues immediately.
  6. If you feel sick or have any symptoms of this or any other virus, stay at home and do not risk the exposure of any other Companions.

If your Grand Lodge has provided NO guidance, I am ordering all Cryptic Companions to suspend attendance at any Council meetings or gatherings until advised otherwise. This will limit the unintentional community spread of the virus. We need to protect our Senior Members, those over the age of 65 that have underlying health issues, because of their identified vulnerability.

Each Illustrious Master will be responsible for developing a plan to remain in contact with the Companions of his Council and to check on their well-being.

I encourage you to keep me informed of the situation within your jurisdiction so that I can be knowledgeable and make future judgments of the steps to take as well as share your most innovative and thoughtful plans with other Cryptic Masons.


David A. Grindle, KYGCH, GGOSV
General Grand Master

A PDF of the document is available on the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons web site: