GGC Kilts and Accessories Now Available

GGC Tartan
General Grand Council Tartan

General Grand Council Kilts and Accessories now available for pre-order!

We are pleased to offer kits and tartan items using our registered General Grand Council Tartan, woven in a 13 oz, 80% Wool/ 20% Cotton blend. In addition to our 5 yard Kilt and 7 yard Great Kilt, we have a range of tartan kilt and dress accessories including Fly Plaids, Flashes, Vests, Cumberbunds, Neckties, Bow Ties and Pocket Squares.

There are also ranges of General Grand Council Crest jewelry and accessories available to complete your kilt outfit. And, we are developing other items using the General Grand Council Crest that can be purchased for yourself, as a gift or used as an award.

The items offered here are unique to the General Grand Council and are not available anywhere else.

We will need 26 orders to get the ball rolling! When we reach that number, we will place the first order. Production and delivery of the first order of kilts and other items should take about 12 – 16 weeks. After that, we expect the wait time to decrease. We will work to refine that schedule.

The profits that we generate will be used to support CMMRF and other programs.