GGC Presents RPC Bill Snyder Being Zabud Video

Bill Snyder
RPC Bill Snyder
Deputy General Grand Master


On the May 8, 2022 GGC Presents, Right Puissant Companion Bill Snyder presented an educational program entitled The Importance of Being Zabud.  The video link is below.

The Importance of Being Zabud Video

This presentation briefly focused on the legendary history of Zabud and a number of lessons that exist in the Select Master Degree that are overlooked in our education of new Cryptic Masons.  You will be presented with a new perspective on Zabud’s role in Freemasonry that goes well beyond the realm of the Select Master Degree.  There will also be an exploration of the Solomonic Rule of Three utilized by our three original Grand Masters in the administration of the Temple Project as well as leading the Craft.  In analyzing the process of overcoming the dilemma of Zabud’s situation, we can find that leadership in Masonry as well as in business or our governments can still learn for the good of all from understanding the Solomonic Rule of Three.

About RPC Bill Synder

Bill Snyder served as the Grand Master of the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of the State of Missouri from 2015-2016.  He has served as Grand Lecturer of the Grand Council and presently serves his jurisdiction as the Grand Historian for Cryptic History.  In his journey in Freemasonry, Bill has presented several important interpretations of our York Rite Rituals and an alternate history that establishes a logical basis for the origins of many of our Degrees and Orders.  His goal is to provoke new and old Masons to speculate and study the rituals for purposes greater than Masonic business as usual. He currently serves the General Grand Council as our Deputy General Grand Master.