GGM Announcement

David A. Grindle
General Grand Master

David A. Grindle, General Grand Master

Dear Worthy, Faithful, and Supportive Companions,

I have been asked numerous times if I would be available for another term as General Grand Master or if I would be resuming the duties of the General Grand Recorder.

I am writing to answer those questions.

I have spent almost 11 years in the leadership positions of the General Grand Council.  I have traveled the world, met fantastic Companions and Brothers, and enjoyed every minute of it.  It is time for younger Companions to show their leadership capabilities and move this organization into the future.  I have served, I hope, faithfully and kept the Cryptic Masonry moving forward.

I am looking forward to having time to spend with my teenage Grandchildren and participate in their activities.  I am looking forward to supporting the new General Grand Master in any way I can.  I look forward to working on projects that he will have for me in support of his vision and the General Grand Council.  At the end of the Triennium as the Junior Past General Grand Master, I would desire, as we used to say in fighter squadrons, “fighter crews don’t die, they just buzz-off”.  I want to just “buzz-off” and maybe do something for another organization.

I will not be a candidate for any elected office of the General Grand Council.  If nominated, I will not accept.  If drafted, I will run away.  If elected, I will not serve.

Thank you for your support and hard work to make the General Grand Council into a premier group of Masons with, what I feel, an outstanding future.

Your Brother and Friend,

David A. Grindle
General Grand Master