Grand Council of Ohio: 192nd Annual Assembly Overview

Grand Council of Ohio: 192nd Annual Assembly Overview
Submitted by Most Illustrious Companion Bobby G. Campbell, Grand Recorder, Grand Council of Ohio

MIC Bobby G. Campbell
RIC Bobby G. Campbell, Grand Recorder, Grand Council of Ohio


On October 4, 2021, Adoniram Council No. 131 convened and opened a special assembly at Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio for the purpose of hosting the 192nd Annual Assembly of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masons of Ohio, with Illustrious Master Gregory B. Clatterbuck presiding and all officers present. After an excellent opening, Illustrious Companion Clatterbuck invited Most Illustrious Companion Michael A. Smith and his 2020-2021 corps of Grand Officers to enter. After receiving the Illustrious Grand Master and Grand Council Officers he relinquished the chairs to the Grand Officers.

Most Illustrious Companion Smith then proceeded to open the Grand Council of Ohio for the 192nd Annual Assembly. All Grand Council Officers were present except for the 5th Arch Adjutant, VIC Jarrod M. Golden and the 6th Arch Adjutant, VIC Douglas A. Adkins. Fourteen Past Illustrious Grand Masters were in attendance and received and welcomed by the Illustrious Grand Master.

Distinguished Visiting Companions from Ohio and other Jurisdictions were introduced, received and given a warm welcome by Most Illustrious Companion Smith as listed below;

From York Rite College of North America—David A. Whiley, Grand Governor of Ohio

From Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite—Douglas A. Kaylor, Active Valley of Dayton

From Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons of Ohio—Most Excellent Companion Daniel S. Smith and 7 Grand Chapter Officers.

From Grand Commandery, Knights Templar of Ohio—Grand Commandery R. Thomas Starr and 8 Grand Commandery Officers.

From Ohio Priory No. 18—Eminent Prior Vater D. Webb and 3 Priory Officers

From Grand Lodge of Ohio—Most Worshipful Brother Richard A. Dickerscheid, Grand Master and Right Worshipful Brother Paul A. Weglage, Junior Grand Warden

From Other Jurisdictions—17 Visitors including the Illustrious Grand Masters of Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan and New York.

From General Grand Council International—Most Puissant Companion Monty Glover accompanied by the General Grand PCW, T. Thomas Taylor and PGGM David Grindle.

There were 22 Grand Representatives of this Grand Council present.

The welcome was brought by Companion and State Representative P. Scott Lipps, a member of Adoniram Council from the 62nd House District, Ohio House of Representatives. The reply was given by the Deputy Grand Master, RIC David G. Weimer.

RIC Michael L. Terry, GPCW introduced Companion Scott Buchanan, CEO of the Masonic Home who brought greetings from the home and information on projects that were being done.

Honorary Memberships were conferred on 5 visiting Illustrious Grand Masters.

Regrets were read from Past Grand Masters and Grand Officers from other Bodies who could not attend.

The annual election was held and the below listed officers were elected to serve this Grand Council for the ensuring year:

M. ILL. COMP. David G. Weimer……………………..Grand Master

R. ILL. COMP. Michael L. Terry ……..… Deputy Grand Master

R. ILL. COMP. R. Wesley Webber, Jr ……………. Grand P.C.W.

M. ILL. COMP. Robert R. Rettig……………………Grand Treasurer

M. ILL. COMP. Bobby G. Campbell……………. Grand Recorder

R. ILL. COMP. James A. Sutherin …..….. Grand Capt. of Guard

R. ILL. COMP. Rodney V. Fowler …… Grand Cond. of Council

R. ILL. COMP. Stephen K. Carson ……………….Grand Steward

R. ILL. COMP. Ronald L. Myers, Jr……………..Grand Marshall

R. ILL. COMP. Darrell E. Reed….….……………..Grand Sentinel

The minutes of the 191st Annual assembly were approved. The preprinted reports were approved as printed.

Remarks were given by Douglas Kaylor, AASR—Monty Glover, GGC and Ken Simmons, IGM of Michigan.

The financial report was given by the Grand Treasurer, MIC Robert R. Rettig.

MIC Gary Wyne, Chairman of CMMRF, the Charity of the General Grand Council gave a report on its progress and made a plea for donations. MIC Stephen Hill made a motion for Grand Council to match all donations collected. Motion passed.

The Chairman of Jurisprudence presented legislation concerning a per capita dues increase. A motion was made to vote on the legislation at the Tuesday morning session. The motion passed.

A meeting of the Grand Council Benevolent Fund was opened and various awards were presented by MIC Smith.

Most Worshipful Brother Richard A. Dickerscheid, Grand Master of Ohio gave remarks.

MIC Smith recessed the Grand Council Assembly until Tuesday morning.

On Monday afternoon the order of the Silver Trowel was conferred upon 28 candidates and a School of Instruction was held under the direction of the Grand Sentinel.

On Tuesday morning a meeting was held of the Grand Council Benevolent Fund, Inc..

The meeting was opened by the president, Michael A. Smith. The minutes were read and approved. The financial report was given by the Secretary and approved. The recommended disbursements totaling $60,000.00 to be given to 7 camps were read and approved. New officers were approved and installed as listed below.

President———-David G. Weimer

Vice-Président—-Michael L. Terry

Secretary———-Bobby G. Campbell

Treasurer———-Robert R. Rettig

The president stated the Benevolent Fund meeting was adjourned.

The Grand Master called the 192nd Annual Assembly to order.

RIC Ronald Myers gave a report on the school of instruction. The report of the Order of Silver Trowel was given by MIC Ricard A. Amlung.

MIC William R. Eagle gave the final report of the Jurisprudence Committee. A motion was made and seconded to pass the proposed legislation which required a 2/3 majority to pass. A count was taken of the companions and the Legislation listed below passed.

37.03 Dues: Each Constituent Council, whether Chartered or under dispensation, shall also pay annually to this Grand Council as Grand Dues on all members in good standing at the close of the preceding fiscal year of this Grand Council ending May 31st and on each member granted a demit during the year, the sum of ten dollars ($10.00) per member effective June 1, 2023; thirteen dollars ($13.00) per member effective June 1, 2024; and seventeen dollars ($17.00) per member effective June 1, 2025 and each year thereafter. Twenty cents (.20) of which the Grand Recorder shall remit to The Ohio Masonic Home not later than December 31st of each calendar year.

The Grand Master presented Arch Gavels and Honor Bibles to the recipients. He also presented Certificates to the retiring Arch Adjutants.

The final report of the Credentials Committee was given by IC James Stephens. There were 215 delegates in attendance.

The Grand Master called on Right Puissant Companion T. Thomas Taylor, GGPCW, for comments who gave an inspiring speech and thanked the Companions of Ohio for their generous support of the General Grand Council’s charity.

RIC Darrell Reed announced that the 193rd Assembly of the Grand Council would be held at Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio on October 2,3 and 4th, 2022.

The Grand Master called on the installing officers consisting of;

Installing Officer———————-MIC William R. Eagle

Installing Recorder——————-MIC Robert K. Rhinehart

Installing Master of Ceremonies—-MIC John A. Hall

Installing Chaplain——————–MIC Stephen C. Hill

After the installation ceremony MIC Weimer thanked the Installing team, issued proxies to the Arch Inspectors, commissions to the Arch Adjutants and after brief remarks declared the Grand Council and Adoniram Council closed.

A special thank you from the Grand Recorder to IC Gregory Clatterbuck, Kathleen Clatterbuck and Betty Rettig for their help in the Grand Council Office.

IC Kevin A. Wheeler
MIC Michael A. Smith
Most Illustrious Grand Master of Ohio, 2020-2021

IC Kevin A. Wheeler
MIC David G. Wiemer
Most Illustrious Grand Master of Ohio, 2021-2022