Help Wanted: Cryptic Freemason Editor

Help Wanted: Cryptic Freemason Editor
Submitted by RPC Monty Glover, Deputy General Grand Master

RPC Monty Glover
Monty Glover
Deputy General Grand Master
Cryptic Masons International


Greetings Companions all,

As most of you are aware, the General Grand Council has been publishing a printed newsletter, The Cryptic Freemason, for many years. This publication has contained many outstanding articles from some of our most thoughtful and Masonically educated members. Its readership, those who have subscribed either for the printed version or the electronic version, has been dwindling as more and more of our companions look to online articles along with other content. To that end we have been publishing the electronic Decryption which continues to grow in readership. It was never the intent, for the Decryption to be a replacement for The Cryptic Freemason as Cryptic Freemasonry’s scholarly publication.

Most Puissant Companion Richard A. Eppler has filled the position of Editor-in-Chief of The Cryptic Freemason for the past 10 years. He has expressed his desire to retire as its Editor. The Officers of the General Grand Council would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to MPC Eppler for his hard work and dedication to the Cryptic Rite and his contribution to the education of Cryptic Masons.

There are over 700 existing subscriptions to The Cryptic Freemason. In its present form as a Newsletter, it is issued to subscribers that includes our Members and a number of Masonic Institutions like Research Councils or Lodges and Libraries. We would very much like to continue this relationship. I feel it is important to live up to our commitment to our members who prefer to receive Cryptic Light via a paper medium. Many of our members are at a point in their lives that switching to a digital medium isn’t something they would choose to undertake. In many cases, I think this may be their only connection to our beloved Rite.

To that end, we are seeking a new Editor for the Cryptic Freemason. This should be someone capable of taking up the mantle of producing a quality product for our members and living up to the dedication demonstrated by MPC Eppler and by MPC Sellers before him. We are looking for someone that is willing to put in the time to seek worthy companions for content and to format and publish their articles. If you are interested in this very rewarding work, this labor of love, please reach out to our General Grand Recorder, Steve Balke, at and let him know you are interested.

If we are unable to find someone to take on this position, the General Grand Council may be faced with the sad duty of retiring this important publication altogether.

Fraternally yours,

Monty J. Glover
Deputy General Grand Master
General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons, Int.