Introducing the General Grand Recorder

by Bryan Bechler
General Grand Recorder

Bryan Bechler, GGR

Have you ever wondered what the General Grand Recorder position entails?  Although I worked with MPC Grindle for the past three years he was in this position, until you’re actually IN the position you may not have a complete understanding of what all is required.

One area I would like to address are timelines.  When your Grand Council session is completed, the Grand Recorder has a maximum of three months to submit their annual return to the General Grand Recorder.    The annual return is available on the General Grand Council website.  I would encourage all Grand Recorders to download and save the document prior to your session and even begin filling out some of the required information.

Each year Grand Councils have the ability to nominate an individual for the Cryptic Mason of the Year and the Adult Leadership Award.  The reason the General Grand Recorder needs the names of the individuals is to ensure there is time to have the awards engraved.  We all know the cost to mail items within the United States and worldwide continues to increase.  If the awards (including the Past Illustrious Grand Master plaque and certificate) can be sent out together in a timely manner, it cuts down on the expense incurred by the General Grand Council.  Our goal is to ensure all the items to be presented at your Grand Council session are there prior to the session taking place.

Something (to me) that doesn’t seem to be done on a regular basis is recognizing our Companions for their many years of service to Cryptic Freemasonry.  I created a template to recognize 25 & 50 year members.  There are several companies that can provide your Grand Council with lapel pins as well.  If your Council has someone who has been a member for 60 years or more, please contact me as the General Grand Council has a special certificate that can be sent out for presentation.

Have you recognized your lady for her support of your Masonic activities?  The Lady of the Council is a great way to show her just how much you appreciate her.  The application form is on the General Grand Council website.  Presenting this jewel and certificate at a Grand Council event is always exciting to watch.

Something I’ve seen over the past few months is how the General Grand Council team is working together, on the level, to get things done.  There is a tremendous amount of communication.  While everyone may not necessarily agree, there is open discussion to work with each other towards an end goal.  I know there will be a tremendous amount of work done to improve the General Grand Council over the next 2+ years to make it more efficient and provide better communication.

Bryan D. Bechler
General Grand Recorder