Latin America Regional Recorder’s Meeting – May 20, 2021

Latin America Regional Recorder’s Meeting – May 20, 2021
Submitted by Stephen Balke, General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International

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Photo Credit; MIC John Bridegroom


On May 20, a conference call was held with the Latin America Regional Recorders. A summary of the call is below.

Central America

  • Continues to experience travel restrictions.
  • Still practicing social distancing due to Covid
  • Meetings are electronic or postponed.

Estados Unidos

  • June 6 – Election Day (Government)
  • Covid is still presenting challenges and meeting publicly is expected to exacerbate the issue.
  • MIGM has allowed in person meetings for Companions
    • Councils are continuing to work virtually – once each month.
    • Large list of Candidates awaiting Greeting.


  • Continuing monthly meetings – virtual meetings. Attendance from Central/South American Countries.
  • Degree work at the temple this Saturday, May 29, 2021. – Royal Arch Degrees.
    • 7 Candidates
    • Possibly more Companions and Brothers from the Dominican Republic
    • Possibly a new York Rite Body in Dominican Republic
  • Covid impact is decreasing – 5-6% – 
    • Physicians are expecting a 3rd wave.
    • Working to preserve the economy through the anticipated wave.
    • Vaccinating all people – almost 1MM vaccinated. (almost 25% of the population)
    • Keeping social distancing in place.
    • Travellers are tested for Covid on the way in or back into Panama.
    • Most cases are in the West (Border with Costa Rica)


  • Slowly opening up – combination of virtual and in person meetings.
  • Travel is restricted and social distancing and practices are being practiced.


  • Very restricted.
  • Almost everything (meetings/etc.) is virtual.


  • Very restricted.
  • Everything is virtual.
  • Vaccinating as fast as possible.

General Grand Council

  • Need to share methods and practices for the re-opening that many of our organizations are experiencing.