Maggie Valley 2022 Time Capsule Opening

Time Capsule Box
Time Capsule Box

On Monday July 11, 2022 at the Masonic Monument in Maggie Valley, the Grand Council of North Carolina opened the time capsule that was previously sealed in 1972. Every 50 years, the time capsule at the Masonic Monument is dug up, opened, the items taken out and new items deposited. The last deposit was in 1972 so this year marked the year of opening the capsule.

The Maggie Valley Planning Committee worked with the National Park Service to dig up the metal time capsule that contained the wood box pictured above. The items deposited for the time capsule were placed in the wood box which was encased in metal. The air in the metal box was sucked out to protect the contents.

We have been provided with the initial list of what was deposited in the time capsule. The Maggie Valley Committee will be verifying that everything on the list is present. We have received permission to share the list with you, and it is linked below. Some pictures of a couple Council items from the box are below as well.

Time Capsule Item List

Maggie Valley Committee Members Opening the Deposit
A Select Master’s Jewel from England and Wales
A Wood Item Presented by the Grand Council of Oregon