Mid-Atlantic Regional Recorder’s Meeting – April 22, 2021

Mid-Atlantic Regional Recorder’s Meeting – April 22, 2021
Submitted by Stephen Balke, General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International

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Photo Credit; MIC John Bridegroom


On April 22, a conference call was held with the Mid-Atlantic Regional Recorders. A summary of the call is below.


  • York Rite bodies meeting in person
  • Practicing social distances and wearing masks
  • No degree work this spring
  • Blue Lodges lots of degree work
  • Grand bodies meeting in state members only
  • Fall schedule of degree work to be planned after the first Monday in May
  • Multi-state get together at the Chapter Level – in Delaware at the end of Sept. beginning of Oct. (TBD)
  • Delaware going back to the ways things were before pandemic.
  • Meetings have been taking place both in person and continuing virtually. 
  • Any documentation (instructions) on how to hold a hybrid meeting. Delaware’s MIGM is directing. No documentation as yet. Possible article for the Decryption.

District of Columbia

  • Nothing new to report.
  • Still not meeting in person.
  • Semi-Annual Grand Lodge Meeting in May. TBD whether it will be in person. If Grand Lodge meets in person, high possibility that all meetings will then be in person.
  • CMMRF fundraising is going strong. Will update numbers soon.


  • April 24, 2021, confer Thrice Illustrious Master Degree at Grand Lodge of Maryland. 
  • Strict qualifications
  • All York Rite bodies are open. 
  • Open without restrictions for attendance. Wear masks and some awareness of social distancing.
  • Most have been vaccinated.
  • Grand Chapters High Priest on Saturday, April 24
  • Semi Annual Grand Convocation Assembly – May 8 – in person
    • MIGM Disney battling Cancer and will not be in attendance.
    • Oct. 22 – 23 Grand Assembly – Ocean City, Maryland
  • Positive feedback on using Electronic Payments – Program made by Steve Balke
    • Hope to have in place by next year

New Jersey

  • Resuming in person May 1
    • 25 in attendance, masks, 
  • MI Sharp is communicating well with all regarding when lodges can open
    • Next month MI Sharp visiting Subbordinate Councils 
  • Hybrid – in speaking with other jurisdictions – mixed reviews. 
    • Zoom will be used as a supplemental tool – NJ
    • Example – Fireside Chat
  • Chapters starting degree work now
    • Council still in the works (TBD)
    • Will share experience with anyone interested in Hybrid


  •  No Report


  • No Council
  • Silver Trowel Degree – 20 participants

W. Virginia

  • No Council

Mid-Atlantic Conference

  • No info yet


  • Goal $50K – donation match
    • March 6 – superseded the goal
    • March 31 – 75K
    • Mid-Atlantic was a big contributor to this effort
  • Big development in growing heart muscle
  • Get the information out about these growths in development
  • Information available on YouTube
  • Focused Donation – partnering with IU in getting a specific piece of equipment that will allow them to farm cells on site and not have to ship them out to Harvard. Will be used by multiple people, not just IU. 1.2M piece of equipment. Would like to raise $600K within the next 3 years for this endeavor.
    • Amazon Smile – when you order anything from Amazon. Cryptic Mason Medical Research is one of the charitable organizations you can choose. 
    • Reach out to Eastern Star meetings and talk about CMMRF. 

     General Grand Council

  • Fireside Chat, Sunday, April 25 at 3PM MST. Speaker: PMIGM Joseph S. Crociata – Select Master Degree – Hiram Soliloquy
  • Youth Advocate Award – open to ANY youth leader ie; teachers, councillors, 4H, Boy Scouts, etc. $50.00 for the medal and pin.