Mordhurst Award

Henry William Mordhurst Grand Recorder's Award
  • WHO – Grand Recorder
  • WHEN – 10 Years’ Service
  • WHY – Service Recognition
  • AUTHORIZATION – General Grand Recorder

Henry William Mordhurst of Indiana served the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons, International as the General Grand Recorder from September 29, 1886 until his death mid-term on October 19, 1928. Having traveled an exemplary Masonic Journey, his zeal for Cryptic Masonry shown through his forty-two years of dedicated service to the smooth operations of the General Grand Council. It is his record and recording that is referenced when a Companion steps forward and serves as a Grand Recorder for at least ten years with distinction.

The award was started by approval of the General Grand Council at the 33rd Triennial in 1978 and was initially given to any Companion serving his Grand Council as Grand Recorder for 15 years with distinction. Since adoption, there have been fifty-one medals awarded to Companions.

This award is tracked by the office of the General Grand Recorder and is awarded upon verification of election, installation, service and completion of ten terms of office as a Grand Recorder.