Northwest Regional Recorder’s Meeting – December 10, 2020

Northwest Regional Recorder’s Meeting – December 10, 2020
Submitted by Stephen Balke, General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International

General Grand Council Collar
Cryptic Masons International Collar
Photo Credit; MIC John Bridegroom


On December 10, a conference call was held with the Northwest Regional Recorders. A summary of the call is below.

Invocation: Mark Irwin

General Grand Council

    • Working on getting things organized.
    • State Chairmen Zoom meetings and learning sessions.
    • Thumbdrive for the State Chairs – 
      • Literature, envelopes, memorials, etc.
      • Dr. Murphy presentation
      • “Non-medicalese” program explanation.
    • Need to update CMMRF with information/State Chairs/officers, etc.
    • $500,000 by July 1 – Purpose drive fundraiser.
      • Stem cell processing apparatus (stop having to send to Harvard – time and money savings)
      • Encapsulator was the last purchase – allowed for several projects to go forward.
    • Provide tools and resources to explain our Charity and raise funds.
  • Brazil
    • Issues in Brazil may have some news that is going to be interesting.


  • Great Plains Rendezvous tentatively cancelled.


  • Closed for meetings until further notice.
  • Grand Master edict to follow Governor’s restrictions. Churches are open.
  • York Rite is meeting on Zoom
  • Grand Commandery Christmas Observance Tuesday, December 15, 2020
  • Education series from Grand Lodge on a monthly basis.
  • No ritual openings.


  • Locked down – everything by Zoom.
  • Christmas Observance Friday, December 18, 2020, via Zoom.
  • Sessions April 15-17, 2021 – Lewiston, ID. 


  • Closed – Companions came down with COVID – closed until after January 1, 2021.
  • Chapter using Zoom 
    • Many members do not have the tools for Zoom
    • Grand Master has given Lodges the option of going Dark
  • 3rd Weekend in September, Tentatively in Cheyenne, WY – in person.

Benediction: Jim Crenner