Past Most Puissant Companions Monty Glover’s Allocution

MPC Monty Glover
Most Puissant Companion Monty Glover
Past General Grand Master, 2020-2023

Most Puissant Companion Monty Glover gave his allocution on Monday August 14, 2023 as part of the 48th General Grand Council Triennial Session. We are pleased to present it here in its entirety for your review.

An excerpt from the Allocution of Monty Jerome Glover, General Grand Master 2020-2023:
“Our goal is to create mutually beneficial partnerships with our Companions throughout the World in preserving both the history and tradition of the teachings of the American York Rite while equally preserving the history and traditions of our States, Provinces and Nations. We seek change for the better, not the worse. . . .

As the guardians of the Cryptic Rite’s legacy, we must ensure that our Charters are granted to those who wholeheartedly embrace our principles and are committed to preserving the essence of our craft.

Full Allocution Text