CMMRF – Reducing the Negative and Increasing the Positive

Reducing the Negative and Increasing the Positive
Brian Ragain, RN

Brian Ragain, RN

Illustrious Companion Brian Ragain, RN, DDGIM OK

Dr. Michael Murphy, with Dr Steve Miller and Dr Mervin Yoder, are working with stem cells to create new and lasting treatments for a large number of medical conditions. These are not the stem cells that you have heard about in the past… these are sometimes taken from your own body and trained to take over for the part of your body that is not working properly.

Foot ulcers in a diabetic patient can worsen into a major infection or blood circulation issue. 53,000 amputations are performed every year, with each patient needing extensive rehab in a hospital or nursing home. Many of these patients that require having large portions of their legs removed never leave that hospital or nursing home. In the diabetic patient, because of a decrease in feeling and blood flow to the feet, their sores often go unnoticed or untreated. This is where the stem cells are introduced. Unfortunately, not all of these limbs can be saved, but through further research, perhaps this treatment can be used to greatly reduce the likelihood of amputation and greatly reduce healing times.

Warning! Science stuff ahead! These stem cells are pulled from the patient’s own bone marrow. The pluripotent stem cells, regrown through cell mediated angiogenesis, are isolated and impregnated into an alginate hydrogel solution for protection and to create a suitable environment to thrive. These cells can then be directed to replace the multitude of the types of tissue that is compromised.

CMMRF, through your donations, are producing treatments that have only been seen in science fiction movies. Soon, these treatments will be perfected and used to change the lives of thousands of people, and perhaps even save your life someday.