College of Preservation

In 2009, then General Grand Principal Conductor of the Work Lawrence O. Weaver put forth an idea to recognize those who have given outstanding service to their Grand Council or the General Grand Council. In 2012, the College of Preservation, an invitational body within the General Grand Council came into existence and established  Colleges in Member and Recognized Cryptic  Jurisdictions around world. 


Within the first decade, over 600 Cryptic Masons have been nominated, invited, and been invested as members. The investiture as a Companion of the Secret Vault – the Order of the Secret Vault is a public ceremony that highlights the dedication of the Candidate and their charged path forward to continue their journey. Companions of the Secret Vault may be addressed as “Honored Companion” as an honorific.


Order of the Secret Vault

Each jurisdiction is assigned a dedicated Dean of the College, who facilitates the nominations for their jurisdiction. Further, the Elective General Grand Officers, Regional Deputy General Grand Masters and select Appointments by the General Grand Master are Deans at Large. EVERY member of the College has been nominated within their jurisdiction, the nomination is then sent to the Elective General Grand Officers, where it must be unanimously approved.