Outreach and Recognition Opportunities

Cryptic Masons are charged with preserving the heritage of our traditions. The General Grand Council makes available, therefore, the current and past records of activities, reference documents, and tools. We hope these help to both understand how we have operated and provide a solid basis for a path forward for Cryptic Masonry in particular, and Freemasonry in general.

Programs Designed to Honor Those Who Might Be Future Members

Veterans Medal

The living document that governs the organization. 

First Responder Recognition

The living document that governs the organization. 

Youth Advocate Award

Now the preamble to the Constitution and Bylaws, these are the basis for building solid Cryptic Masons and organizations.

Historical Documents

Thanks to the efforts of Past Most Puissant General Grand Master, David A. Grindle, the entire set of Proceedings of the General Grand Council are available for you electronically. 

Cryptic Newsletters

Electronic versions of past publications and newsletters from the General Grand Council.

The Cryptic Freemason 1979 – 2020