Cooperative Programs

The General Grand Council has created three programs designed to work cooperatively with any recognized organization within the Masonic Family that wishes to participate. These programs highlight and honor the service to our communities provided by individuals and may be awarded to members and non-members alike. This provides opportunities to:

  • Say “thank you” to members of our organizations for service to future generations, as a first responder, or in the military.
  • Introduce community members to a Masonic organization in a positive and personal manner.
These awards, by design, target individuals who are active in our communities, contribute to and preserve fundamental aspects of our communities and society, and with whom Masons may want to associate.
  • The Youth Advocate Award is for those who have served their community in roles such as teacher, youth group volunteer, coach, Scouter, or a position where they helped our future generations. These are engraved on the back with name, year, and organization (may be abbreviated).
  • The Veterans Medal is for those who have served or are serving honorably in the military of their Country. These are customized with name, branch, and rank.
  • The First Responder Recognition is for those who have served or are serving honorably as a Firefighter, EMT, Law Enforcement, 911 Operator, or other first responder position.

These are presented from the organization (certificates have the Lodge (or other organization) at the top and are signed by the presiding officer and Secretary) and come with the medal, a lapel pin, presentation box and certificate. A Cryptic Mason must submit the request (unless a Cryptic Mason is the recipient). Each award is $50.00 for the presentation described, the Veteran Medal and First Responder have less expensive alternatives.

Permission to work with the organization MUST be given by the jurisdictional head of the organization. Please contact your Ambassador or Grand Recorder to ensure that they are permitted to be presented.

Share or inform others of these programs by downloading the information sheet and sharing it with your Council, Lodge, Chapter, Commandery, OES Chapter, youth groups, etc.!