Youth Advocate Award

Another opportunity to recognize members of our Masonic Family and Community, the Youth Advocate Award is a “Thank You” to those who serve (or have served) as mentors to our coming generations and an opportunity for the Council to reach “to and through the Lodge” to show that Masonry respects those who dedicated their lives to preserving future.

  • RECIPIENTS – Any Volunteer OR Professional Who Works with Youth
    • This Includes Past Service – Retirees or Those Who Went on to Other Careers are Eligible
  • SPONSOR MUST BE – A Cryptic Mason
  • AWARDED – Upon Submission/At Event
  • RECOGNIZING – Youth Mentoring

This award may be presented by ANY Masonic Family body that wishes to recognize any qualifying individual. The certificate presented will reflect the sponsoring body and be signed by the presiding officer and secretary/recorder of that body.

The award is given for being an integral part of our promising future by empowering our youth with positive and moral direction. The award features the trowel in the small hand of a child being guided by the hand of an adult while using the tool for a worthwhile endeavor. Surrounded by a green laurel wreath on a gold background with a pinecone at the base symbolizing the cycle of life. 

Recognition Programs

Download the Youth Advocate Request form: