Tools for Your Toolbox

We use Masonic ritual and paraphernalia to create an environment that encourages our growth both individually and as a Council. 

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We have created and made available the original jewels of Cryptic Masonry as set by Albert Mackey and adopted by the General Grand Council. Here are our Grand Council jewels, reflecting the original design. Grand Officer Jewel Set

Operating Documents

Constitution & Bylaws

The living document that governs the organization. 

Cryptic Landmarks

Now the preamble to the Constitution and Bylaws, these are the basis for building solid Cryptic Masons and organizations.

Historical Documents

Thanks to the efforts of Past Most Puissant General Grand Master, David A. Grindle, the entire set of Proceedings of the General Grand Council are available for you electronically. 

Cryptic Newsletters

Electronic versions of past publications and newsletters from the General Grand Council.

The Cryptic Freemason 1979 – 2020