Ronald L. Thomas Ritualist Award

Ronald L. Thomas General Grand Council Ritualist Award
  • WHO – Cryptic Mason
  • WHEN – Upon Completion
  • WHY – Ritual Proficiency
  • AUTHORIZATION – Grand Recorder

On Saturday, February 27, 2016, the Grand Council of Alabama approved the request of the General Grand Council to assume the responsibility of administering a Ritualist Award for the Royal Master, Select Master, and Super Excellent Master Degrees. This award will be given for work from February 27, 2016, forward.

The requirements for this award are specific to each of the degrees and focus on actual delivery. The best way to track accomplishments is to keep a diary of sorts that can be verified by the Illustrious Master and Recorder of the Council where the work is performed. When the requirements are met, the final verification is completed by the Grand Recorder, the NOMINATION FORM, and then sent to the General Grand Recorder for the issuance of the Jewel.

The structure of earning the award was based on some common considerations:

  • The path reflects performance in the Council, this may map to a Companion’s work as an officer – over time.
  • Ritual is an important element of our craft and one deserving of flawless presentation. The expected standard of ritual delivery is from memory complete with full floor work.
  • Private exemplification is not allowed, cannot be earned solely through exemplification.
  • The Ritual Award and Bars should not be something easily earned.
  • The criteria should not be so onerous that it dissuades Companions earning it.
  • Certifiers should be qualified by both their position and their knowledge of the ritual.

The desired impacts of the Award:

  • By providing a recognition mechanism and therefore incentive, Companions will earn the reward through service as officers in their Council.
  • Ritual delivery from memory will be re-established as a standard expectation. The reading of ritual will occur less frequently.
  • Overall, a larger population of Companions will be ritually proficient, and continue to do so as a function of time with the Ritual Award program in place.

Individual Award/Bar criteria and forms are available from your Grand Recorder. These should be submitted in full at least thirty days in advance of the desired presentation date.