RPC Stephen Balke It’s “Ashlar”, not “Albatross” Video

It’s Ashlar, not Albatross Video

The video of the August GGC Presents by RPC Stephen Balke, Grand Recorder, is now available at the link above.  The program is entitled “It’s ‘Ashlar’, not ‘Albatross'”.  As we keep up with the Jones’ 4K hyper-sensationalized technicolor surround-sense immersion compulsion, how can we keep the space between thoughts a prominent part of our lives?

Freemasonry teaches us experientially to remain cognizant of our journey and to consciously expand and enhance our perspectives to better enable us to break off the corners – read: filters and bias – that impede our ability become our best self. We are provided the tools to focus our efforts, the example and objectives to direct our study, and the opportunities to practice and thereby inculcate good habits into all aspects of our lives. Is this what those that knock three times see when they are permitted to enter? Is this the experience we intentionally provide those seeking more?

Let’s discuss what we face as we continue to lower our watermarks and society imposes more – and more direct – influence on our conscious choices through subconscious communication; and how we might mitigate the impact by promoting our gentle Craft’s strengths.

About RPC Stephen Balke

Stephen A. Balke, KYGCH(3) is the General Grand Recorder for Cryptic Masons International and hails from New Mexico, where he lives with his wife of 25 years, and three of their five children. He is a member and active participant in many Masonic organizations and an enthusiast of lifelong learning. Stephen focuses his Masonic efforts in Council, the York Rite Leadership Program,  Masonic Rosicrucians, and further study through the ritual and practice of Masonic Appendant and Concordant Bodies.

Stephen A. Balke