Cryptic Clan Great Kilt

Celts of the highlands, lowlands and Éire have been wearing the Great Kilt and its variations for centuries. The great kilt or feileadh mór (big wrap) offered the Scotsman versatility by being a garment, sleeping bag and a protection against inclement weather. By tucking and folding the excess material around the waist and pinning at the chest, pockets were created to hold personal items that probably included anything from bread and cheese to game from a hunt. How the kilt was worn was a matter of comfort and practicality.
The ancient Great Kilt was made on a 30″ wide loom from as much as 8 yards or more of tartan. Our Great Kilt is made with up to 9 yards of the General Grand Council tartan, registered with the Scottish Tartans Authority. Each tartan is finished with beautiful fringes on either end of the fabric.
Note: Requires a belt & buckle which can be purchased separately.
IMPORTANT: The Great kilt DOES NOT have pre-sewn pleats (please see our 5 Yard Kilt for a pre-pleated garment). Unlike the feilidh-beag (short kilt) our great kilt must be pleated by the wearer each time they don the kilt, just as it was done anciently. Complete folding and care instructions are included with every kilt purchase!
NOTE: The swatch image is the registered General Grand Council tartan.
Note: Please measure your height carefully and be accurate as possible before submitting your order for this item. Because these are custom order, there are NO refunds on kilts.
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Great Kilt Disclaimer

I acknowledge there IS NO SEWING in a great kilt. A great kilt is a long piece of cloth which is hand pleated by the wearer and held in place by a belt.


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