The 200th Anniversary of the Grand Council of Connecticut

By Chuck McCullom
Regional Deputy General Grand Master NE-North

Dignitaries at the Anniversary Celebration
Most Puissant Grand Master Charles O’Neill (center) greets MP General Grand Master David Grindle (left) and RP General Grand Treasurer Charles Hollinger (right)

The Grand Council of Connecticut was established on May 19, 1819 as the first Grand Council of Cryptic Masons in the world.  The prior year had seen the formation of several local Councils throughout the state.

This year we celebrated the bicentennial of the Grand Council with a rededication ceremony followed by a dinner dance.  In attendance were several dignitaries from around the Northeast as well as Most Puissant Companion David Grindle, our General Grand Master, and Right Puissant Companion Charles Hollinger, our General Grand Treasurer.

During the dinner Most Puissant Companion Charles O’Neill, the Most Puissant Grand Master of Connecticut, presented 200th Anniversary jewels to each dignitary present.  Those dignitaries in our region who could not be in attendance were presented with jewels at the Grand Assembly in June.  In addition, these jewels were available for purchase by the membership.

In addition to the jewels presented to visiting dignitaries we had a similar jewel with a different ribbon struck to present to all our newly greeted Companions.  This started the year before the anniversary and will continue until we run out of jewels.  To date, 51 new Companion jewels have been presented.

200th Anniversary Jewels
200th Anniversary Jewels.  Dignitary and purchase jewel is on the left and newly greeted Companion jewel is on the right.