The Color Purple: Origin and History

The Color Purple: Origin and History

Allan Silvestre
Most Illustrious Companion Allan Silvestre

Illustrious Companion Allan Silvestre presented on “Purple Color: Origin and History” during the November 22, 2020, General Grand Master Fireside Chat.  The full video of the presentation is now available on the General Grand Council’s Youtube Channel linked below.

The Color Purple: Origin and History Presentation

As a Cryptic Mason, the Purple color seems to be present around you; you can notice it in your regalia, in some symbols, even your tie and suit sometimes. Some would say that when you combine Blue Lodge Masonry with Red Chapter Degrees, the Purple Cryptic Masonry will be the end of the Hiramic Masonry.

But how about the archeological and historical evidence for the use of this color? How religion, power, and science could have influenced on its symbolic uses? What a dog, a shell, and a disease have in common and may spread light on this question?

We invite you on this historical journey, hoping that the meaning of the color, around you, may never be the same!

Illustrious Companion Silvestre is a Chemistry Teacher and Researcher in the History of Sciences, Religious Archeology, and Ancient Manuscripts. Masonically, he is a 33o Degree Member of the Scottish Rite, Past High Priest, Past Illustrious Master, Knights Templar, VIIo SRICF, and a member of some English Orders and High Degrees in other Rites in Brazil.