Triennial Highlights

Triennial Highlights
Stephen A. Balke

General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International

Stephen A. Balke
Stephen A. Balke
General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International


Highlights of the 47th Triennial Virtual Assembly
Held September 26, 2020
(To be distributed to the Elective Officers of member Grand and Subordinate Councils)

Due to Corona Virus restrictions, the Triennial Assembly of the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons, International was held via Zoom with over 500 Companions attending world-wide. In addition, at least 82 Companions, Brothers, and Friends joined us watching the meeting via the Cryptic Masons International YouTube Channel. 681 people registered, which included 38 duplicate registrations, making the total registered 643. The volume of participants caused a delay in starting.

The following alterations to the normal business were made to facilitate the first online meeting:

  1. No legislation was presented in the business.
  2. No floor nominations were allowed for Elective Officers – declarations were open until September 1, 2020.
  3. No floor nominations were allowed for CMMRF At Large Board of Trustee positions – declarations were open until July 15, 2020.

The following decisions regarding the meeting were made to facilitate the online business:

  1. Floor votes were made by “Ayes” remaining silent and “Nays” voicing opposition.
  2. Zoom polling was used to elect the single contested office.
  3. Discussion was limited to three minutes.


The General Grand Council was declared open in ample form by Most Puissant General Grand Master David A. Grindle at 18:40 UTC on Saturday, September 26, 2020. Present were voting delegates from 50 member Grand Councils, six Grand Councils Under Dispensation and over 20 Subordinate Councils spanning 24 countries on 5 continents and 18 time zones (UTC-10 to UTC+8).

Introduced Dignitaries

  • William Cooke, Thrice Illustrious Grand Master of the General Conference of Grand Councils of United States and Bahamas Prince Hall Affiliate, Inc.
  • Larry Gray, PGGHP, General Grand Secretary, General Grand Chapter
  • Teko Foly, General Grand Scribe of the General Grand Chapter
  • Steven Tiner, General Grand King, General Grand Chapter
  • David Kussman, R.E. Generalissimo, Grand Encampment
  • Jeffrey Nelson, M.E. Grand Master, Grand Encampment
  • Steven L. Hall, PGM, Idaho
  • Garry Graham, Grand Master, Hawaii

Reports of Officers and Committees

The website held all received reports as pages for ease of translation by the Craft, and the Proceedings of the 46th Triennial Assembly was available as a pdf. The General Grand Master gave a condensed version of his Address. Reports were given by the Committees on Necrology, Charters and Dispensations, Jurisprudence, and Credentials. Published and given reports were all accepted. The proposed budget was presented with an explanation by Monty J. Glover, Deputy General Grand Master, and was adopted.

A short memorial service was presented by Right Puissant Companion E. Jeffrey Craig memorializing those officers and members lost during the Triennium.

Charters and Dispensations

The following Subordinate Councils remain Under Dispensation

  • Fiat Lux Council #18, México
  • Giblin Council #10, México
  • Guametria Council #11, México
  • Hanif Council #17, México
  • Jedidiah Council #9, México
  • San Juan del Rio #21, México
  • Sepulcro de Monarcas Council #14, México
  • Xalapa Council #13, México
  • Bethlehem Council #19, México

The following Subordinate Councils are approved for or have received a Charter. If not yet received, will be Constituted during the 48th Triennium.

  • Cripta de Salamao #1, Brazil
  • Vigilantes do Extremo Sul #4, Brazil
  • Arca Sagrada #5, Brazil
  • York #6, Brazil
  • Alegrete #8, Brazil
  • Felisberto Silva Rodrigues #9, Brazil
  • Bud C. Himes #12, Brazil
  • Santo Graal #14, Brazil
  • Liberdade #15, Brazil
  • Divina Aliança #19, Brazil
  • Rocha #25, Brazil
  • Horus #26, Brazil
  • Piratininga #28, Brazil
  • Marco Zero do Equador #30, Brazil
  • União e Harmonia #31, Brazil
  • Capixaba #32, Brazil
  • Cavaleiros da Luz #33, Brazil
  • Resistencia de Mossoro #36, Brazil
  • Santuãrio da Allança #37, Brazil
  • Vila Bela Santissima Trindade #38, Brazil
  • Jarbas Tadeu de Freitas #41, Brazil
  • Grão-Mestre Tomaz Luiz Naves #42, Brazil
  • Exodus #43, Brazil
  • Samuel Houston #45, Brazil
  • Santuãrio da Fé #49, Brazil
  • Prince Hall #50, Brazil
  • Águia de Prata #51, Brazil
  • Jundiahy #52, Brazil
  • XVIII de Março #53, Brazil
  • Lux Mundi #54, Brazil
  • Porto Velho #55, Brazil
  • Zohar #56, Brazil
  • Upaon-Açu #57, Brazil
  • Adoniram #59, Brazil
  • Lux Centralis #60, Brazil
  • Guardiões da Cripta #61, Brazil
  • JG #62, Brazil
  • Costa do Sol #64, Brazil
  • GM Jair Tercio #66, Brazil
  • Leonardo Sant’Anna #68, Brazil
  • Thomas Smith Webb #69, Brazil
  • Adam Kraft Council #18, Germany
  • Alfa y Omega Council #18, México
  • Tangamanga Council #22, México
  • Rafael D’Arrigo Carranza Council #2, Peru
  • Arequipa Council #3, Peru
  • Pachacutec Council #4, Peru
  • Ica Council #5, Peru
  • Arabia Council #9, SW Asia
  • Quito Council #1, Ecuador

The following Grand Councils were approved to remain Under Dispensation

  • Grand Council of Germany

The following Grand Councils were approved for Chartering and Constitution during the 48th Triennium.

  • Grand Council of Central America
  • Grand Council of Paraguay
  • Grand Council of Peru
  • Grand Council of the United States of Mexico
  • Grand Council of Venezuela

Election and Appointment of Officers

A Unanimous Consent motion was made to elect the unopposed candidates for the General Grand Council to their respective positions of candidacy and was adopted. An election of the General Grand Treasurer followed by ballot using Zoom polling. The following officers of the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons, International for the 48th Triennium.

  • General Grand Master – Monty Jerome Glover, Hawaii
  • Deputy General Grand Master – William Gene “Bill” Snyder, Missouri
  • General Grand Principal Conductor of the Work – George Thomas Taylor III, Delaware
  • General Grand Treasurer – Charles Andrew McCollum, Maine
  • General Grand Recorder – Stephen Andrew Balke, New Mexico

The appointive officers of the 48th Triennium will include the following.

  • Assistant General Grand Recorder – John R. Miller, Florida
  • General Grand Chaplain – E. Jeffrey Craig, Washington
  • Assistant General Grand Chaplain – Charles M. Roberts, New York
  • Assistant General Grand Chaplain – James Robert Herrington, Delaware
  • General Grand Captain of the Guard – Georghe A. Vilceanu, Romania
  • General Grand Conductor of the Council – Mark Edward Megee, New Jersey
  • General Grand Steward – Lee David Gordon, Hawaii
  • General Grand Marshal (East) – Paul C. Smith, New Hampshire
  • General Grand Marshal (West) – Danny Dwight Smothers, Missouri
  • General Grand Sentinel – Nioolai Mironovich Khiterer, Hawaii
  • General Grand Lecturer – Michel Claude Sabatier, France
  • General Grand Lecturer – Anthony T. Johnson, Nebraska
  • General Grand Orator – Robert G. Davis, Oklahoma
  • General Grand Musician – Steven C. Monrotus*, Missouri

Regional Deputy General Grand Masters

  • Africa – Marc Kpakpovi Adote, Togo
  • Asia/Pacific – Victorino Alejan Floro III, Philippines
  • Central America – Marcos David Ostrander, Panama
  • East Central – Mike J. Smith, Indiana
  • Europe – Norman Reginald Draine, United Kingdom
  • North Central – Carl Francis Lidstrom, Minnesota
  • Northeast North – William S. Karstens IV, Vermont
  • Northeast South – James B. Walsh, Delaware
  • Northwest – Wayne W. Long, Wyoming
  • South America – Rafael Poggio Soneghet, Brazil
  • South Central – John L. Logan, Oklahoma
  • Southeast – Thomas H. Nesbit*, Alabama
  • Southwest – Jason Critchlow Varner, Utah

*Not Installed

CMMRF Corporate Meeting

The Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation (CMMRF) Corporate Meeting was held. An update was made by President Monty J. Glover. The Executive Secretary’s report was previously posted as a part of the preliminary reports, so Most Illustrious Companion Gary Wyne went directly to Dr. Michael Murphy’s presentation and update on the activities of CMMRF. After the presentation, Gary Wyne asked that we donate a portion of the money saved by not travelling to CMMRF.

The election of the At Large Board of Trustees positions for CMMRF was declared without objection for the four candidates who ran unopposed for the positions. These members include the following.

  • Paul W. Friend, Florida – At Large
  • Joe P. Rouse, M.D., Arkansas – At Large
  • John P. Ridenour, Washington – At Large
  • Rafael P. Soneghet, M.D., Brazil – At Large (International Seat)

The new board members were declared installed. Romania reported that they have implemented a $1.00 per Companion annual donation program.


The following Companions’ continued work as Grand Recorder for their Jurisdiction, for at least ten years, was acknowledged by their being awarded the Mordhurst Award.

  • Charles D. Wood, Jr., Indiana
  • Kenneth M. Badget, Wyoming

The following Companions’ efforts in promoting and preserving Cryptic Masonry were acknowledged by them receiving the Columbian Award.

  • Africa – Marc Adote Togo
  • Asia Pacific – Evaristo A. “Sonny” Leviste Philippines
  • Central America – Oswald Hernandez Huerta El Salvador
  • East Central – Ryan Groat Michigan
  • Europe – João Carvalha Portugal
  • North Central – Peter Misko Wisconsin
  • Northeast North – Stuart Card New York
  • Northeast South – Mark Irwin Delaware
  • Northwest – Richard Rowe Idaho
  • South America – Alejandro Mita Peru
  • South Central – Kevin Sample Missouri
  • Southeast – C. Danny Wofford Georgia
  • Southwest – George Weil Arizona
  • At Large – Thomas Nance Wyoming
  • At Large – John Logan Oklahoma
  • At Large – James Baum California

The following Companion, whose contribution to Cryptic Masonry is known world-wide, who has for over twelve years compiled, produced, printed and distributed the Cryptic Freemason periodical, was awarded the Gold Award, or Medal of Honor.

  • Richard Eppler, Connecticut


The initial meeting of the 48th Triennial Assembly is planned to be in person and in coordination with the Grand Encampment Triennial Conclave in August of 2021.

The meeting was closed without form, with peace and harmony prevailing at 22:41 UTC by Most Puissant General Grand Master David A. Grindle.

Installation of Officers

The Installation of officers for the ensuing Triennial was opened by Most Puissant General Grand Master David A. Grindle at 23:00 UTC and the officers were installed with the assistance of Most Illustrious Companion Dennis Sheridan, General Grand Installing Secretary, Most Illustrious Companion Mark Irwin, General Grand Installing Marshal, and Most Illustrious Charles Roberts and Companion Robert Lopaka Kapanui, General Grand Installing Chaplains. The officers were declared installed at 23:07 UTC.

Monty J. Glover, newly installed Most Puissant General Grand Master gave an introduction to the 48th Triennium of the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons, International.