William E. Price KCT, KYGCH, MIPGM
Ambassador to California-North



Recently I watched the Little League World Series and saw a very determined team from Hawai’i win over a very talented team from Korea. On the jersey from Hawai’i was a statement “WE>ME”. Out of the mouth of babes so they say comes a saying we can all learn from. We are greater than me is something we should hold on to as those young men did. 

Last month at Peninsula York Rite, Ill. Master Mori Moriuchi gathered HP Walter Ancheta and Commander Joshua Cusing and put on a fundraiser in their dark month. This combined effort, called Hawai’i Night, raised $200 for each charity. This is one example of what can be done if you band together.

CMMRF is a groundbreaking research in Vascular Medicine. Every dollar raised will lead to cures in a variety of diseases. Donations of just $1 with your dues can result in thousands of dollars every year. Instead of buying a latte once a week, donate that to CMMRF; think what our researchers could accomplish. Think of ways to raise funds, use your imaginations to come up with ideas. If you need help please contact myself in Northern California or Brett MacDonald in Southern California.

Remember WE>ME,