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GGC First Responder Award
General Grand Council First Responder Award

When a General Grand Council Award is presented, the presenter can send information on the award presentation in for the web site and Decryption. This is strongly encouraged as it recognizes our Companions a little further, encourages Companions by seeing other Companions recognized, and encourages other Companions to nominate eligible individuals to receive General Grand Council Awards. A picture or pictures should also be included Pictures of the recipient, presentation, and attendees are all suitable to provide. When submitting a recognition article, here is the information which is ideally submitted.

Who: Who was honored with the award?

What: What award were they honored with?

Where/When: Where and when did the presentation take place? What type of audience witnessed the presentation?

Why: Why was the individual honored and what makes them unique?

The following awards are appropriate to send in:

CMMRF Awards
Columbian Award
Cryptic Mason of the Year Award
First Responder Award
Grand Council Awards
Medal of Honor
Order of the Secret Vault
Veterans Award
Youth Advocate Award
Youth Leadership Award

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