York Rite Leadership: New Courses – Updated Site!

York Rite Leadership ProgramStephen Balke, GGR
York Rite Leadership Program

New Courses – Updated Site!
The York Rite Leadership Program turned eleven this year and has had some exciting additions to help the Craft!

In-Person IS Intentionally Interactive
In response to COVID the YRL 101 Personal Effectiveness and YRL 201 Group Dynamics courses were streamlined to be delivered online in a virtual instructor led environment. This allowed us to keep working during the shut-down and opened opportunities for an expanded audience. The YRL 401 Influential Communication course was never brought online because the delivery is not readily adaptable to the virtual environment. So the program brings you the best of all worlds in six courses:

  • 101 Personal Effectiveness
    • Online – Planned for Spring of 2023
    • Leaders lead themselves FIRST. Learn to identify your strengths and the key principles that attract others to help you achieve your goals.
  • 102 Applications of Personal Effectiveness
    • NEW! – Scheduled for Northwest, North Central, & Southwest Conferences
    • Take back your time by intentionally doing things that leverage your strengths and facilitate your goals.
  • 201 Group Dynamics
    • Online – Planned for Spring of 2023
    • Understanding what motivates each individual person is the key to influence. Learn how to identify and leverage individual contributions to achieve the group’s goals.
  • 202 Applications of Group Dynamics
    • NEW! – Scheduled for Northwest, North Central, & Southwest Conferences
    • Work with others to bring to life a new idea, revitalize a program, or create an opportunity.
  • 401 Influential Communication
    • NEW! – Online – Planned for Spring of 2023
    • Effective communication is the key to creating success. Learn to identify and relate to your audience to create your desired results.
  • 402 Applications of Influential Communication
    • Scheduled for North Central and Southwest Conferences
    • Become response able! Seed your attentive audience, utilize your non-verbal communication, and create the future.

The online courses are designed to relate information for those who would not otherwise be able to attend – AND are a fantastic preparation for the practical courses that are offered in person.

Website – Welcome to “My Learning Center”

  • Want to get started in the program and take a look around?
  • Don’t recall what courses you’ve taken?
  • Never received a certificate of completion for taking a class?

We have now fully implemented the Learning Management System (LMS) on the website. Even if you finished the program years ago, please login to the website – we want to ensure that our records for you are correct and have added a few things as well.

  • NEW! – Certificates are available for EVERY course you have completed (yes, even the High Potential Leadership Training of 2011).
  • Pre-work or tools to help you prepare for your (virtual) classroom experience is now a part of the curriculum and is available from the website.
  • Lessons for each course are available sequentially to assist you in navigating each or all of the courses offered.

The Coin

We have a new coin that reflects each achievement within the program! While each of the courses offered comes with a certificate, the coins highlight that you have attended the in-person courses. One segment is given for each of the in-person experiences and the three together create the new program coin.


Apply today!
This program is available to all members of the Masonic Family (Yes – DeMolay, Jobs Daughters, Rainbow, OES, …)!